“As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands;
One for helping yourself, the other for helping others.”


THE LAUDIUM CARE SERVICES FOR THE AGED is a registered non-profit organization and is actively involved in the promotion and enrichment of the lives of the Aged.


To promote “Ageing Gracefully” by focusing on: Active ageing, Home Based Care and Social Services as outlined by the Department of Social Services.


To enhance the quality of life for adults as they age by enabling them to maintain their health, well being, independence and participation in the community.

We fulfill this mission within the community by developing and providing innovative programs in health, social service, creative arts, community and professional education.


To be able to provide continuous assistance as well as a supportive environment in which our elderly can “Age Gracefully”.

OUR SERVICES comprise of:

  • Social Work Services – Supportive, Counseling, Therapy.
  • Placement in old age homes and retirement facilities
  • Rehabilitation including facilitation of hearing aids, spectacles, etc.
  • Motivational talks/seminars by renowned guest speakers on: Relaxation techniques; stress management; coping with age related illnesses such as: Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson and Depression.
  • Social Educational Outings/Sports Galas/Fun Walks
  • Home-Based Care for frail/disabled by two Professional Nurses(subsidized)
  • We provide diapers, walking aids, wheelchairs, hampers-food, clothes and medicines.
  • Networking with local Clinics, Doctors and Therapists for appropriate medical emergencies.
  • Fundraising- Teas, dinners, flea markets stalls and sale of raffle tickets are hosted including contributions from the local business fraternity to sustain the various subsidized services offered by the Organisation.